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Karol Józef Wojtyła was born in the Polish town of Wadowice . [16] [17] He was the youngest of three children born to Karol Wojtyła (1879–1941), an ethnic Pole , [18] and Emilia Kaczorowska (1884–1929), whose mother's maiden surname was Scholz. [19] Emilia, who was a schoolteacher, died in childbirth in 1929 [20] when Wojtyła was eight years old. [21] His elder sister Olga had died before his birth, but he was close to his brother Edmund, nicknamed Mundek , who was 13 years his senior. Edmund's work as a physician eventually led to his death from scarlet fever , a loss that affected Wojtyła deeply. [18] [21]

Papa Levi - Big Broad Massive 'N' Hard